DIY home automation

The Top DIY Home Automation Devices in 2015

Home automation solutions have finally come within reach of the common man. The days of watching the rich and the famous enjoy Jetson-like homes while the rest consign themselves to a life of performing daily chores manually - putting the lights on and off, turning the coffee maker on and opening and then closing the garage doors are over. Thanks to affordable home automation solutions, today, everyone can automate his or her home. And it gets even better. Many home automation companies have introduced home automation kits that can help transform your home into a smart home in the most cost effective way. Here are a few DIY home automation ideas for you to consider in 2015.

Nifty smart sensors to automate your home

The market has seen some advanced sensors this year. Once you plug the main hub into your router, connect the hub to a power source, you can download the app and get the sensors to do whatever you want it to do. Contact sensors are usually stuck on the doorframe. Whenever the magnet separates it lets you know when the door or windows are open. The contact sensors also have built in temperature sensors that lets you know how hot or cold the room is. A few other popular sensors are moisture sensor, motion sensor and presence sensor.

Smart lights that serve you colour

For those who are bored with their incandescent light bulb, these web enabled LED light bulbs offer you 16 million of colours to choose from. Once you pick up the starter kit, you need connect the bridge to your wireless router. It will then translate signals between your smartphone or tab and LED bulbs. The app on your device allows you to control all the lights that are on your home automation network.

A smart lock that keeps you safe

Another new home automation device to hit the market is a smart lock. The manufacturers have made it easy to install the lock. It even fits comfortably over an existing deadbolt space. Once you download the lock app, you can enjoy different geo fencing features. Get doors to automatically open and close for you. This smart lock will ensure that you never leave your door open accidently ever again.

Smart air condition to keep you cool

This smart air conditioner syncs with your smartphone. So you can operate your smart air conditioner from your smart phone. So on those really hot and humid days, you can get your AC to cool your room for you even before you reach home.

Now that you have a basic idea about the different DIY home automation devices, which one are you going to start with?